Meet The Larkins

Feeling Overwhelmed?

You’ve either arrived here for a nosy or more likely, as a small business owner, you are feeling one of the following:

  • There are simply not enough hours in the day for Social Media
  • You have been following various accounts and feeling lost in all the conflicting information.
  • You have tons of ideas but no clue how to transfer them into posts for your socials.
  • You have beautiful images but can’t come up with the right words.
  • You literally have no clue about social media but know you need to be on there.
  • In need of help – what help you’re not exactly sure!

If you’ve nodded to any of these you’ve arrived at the right place! I can help you.

To get straight to the nitty gritty scroll past the intro to the services below.

Let us introduce ourselves...

We are the Larkins… Nance and Steve… Husband and Wife… the serious one and the joker… Best Friends.

I started working in Social Media over 5 years ago when we moved to Lanzarote. Over that time the business has flourished and I believe it’s because I love what I do but also because I have been supported and encouraged by my Favourite weirdo Steve. I do the work and he makes the brews, butties and generally looks after the house so I can focus on your business.

You and I can make a great team. I’ll be by your side to support, encourage and assist your business to grow online.

I am proud to say that 90% of our clients are referrals and 70% are long term and they all put up with me.

It’s also worth noting if you are of a delicate disposition I might not be the one for you – I am straight-talking and quite often there are swears involved.


Here’s why your social media needs to be on point:

  • You have 3 seconds to get your message out
  • You have to stand out to compete with the  95 million posts uploaded to Instagram every day
  • The average person sees over 4000 ads a day
  • Every minute on Facebook 14700 photos are shared, 54000 links are shared and 317000 status updates are published

Now how do you feel about your social media?


You have no time and no desire - this is for you

Working together to define the strategy to achieve your goals. Creating unique and responsive content (images, videos and words) in your specific tone of voice. Sharing/acting on feedback about your business – your own customer service team. Engaging with your ideal clients and influencers. Paid social media campaigns.

Plus social listening and data analysis.

Packages start from 450€


You want an expert on hand for the day - this is for you

Book a VIP day and you have my undivided attention for the whole day. My skills and knowledge are at your disposal. Whether you want to pick my brains or set me to work on your socials the choice is yours.

From 250€


You've had a go but things aren't working as you expected them to - this is for you

You know when you know things aren’t right but you have no idea how to fix it or how to make it right – that’s when my audits and coaching sessions come in.

They’re a deep look at your platforms, with recommendations for using your time and resources more effectively. Giving you everything you need to up your game.

Starting from 120€ 


You want to do it yourself but no clue how to get started - this is for you

Haven’t set up your accounts, figured out who your ideal client is or been able to draft a targeted strategy? We can work together on some or all of this as you need for your social media channels.

Set up of social media channels – 40€ 

Strategy packages are bespoke and start from 300€ 


You've one thing you're stuck on and just need a little help - this is for you

Perfect for you when you don’t want to waste any more time and energy trying to figure out something on social media that you can’t find an answer for on Google or has left you feeling stumped.

Starting from 70€ 


You're looking for specific support over a set time - this is for you

Tailored to your needs I’ll be there to support you for 1, 2 or 3 months. With an initial meeting to set the plan and a fortnightly hourly call to support you in taking your socials to where you want them to be.

From 200€ for 1 month


You're fine with posting but have no idea what to say in comments or no time - this is for you

I’ll find and engage with your ideal clients and influencers regularly to increase the visibility of your business. Have meaningful conversations to turn cold leads warm for you to convert with your engaging and informative posts. 

Packages start from 200€ per month


You have beautiful images but can't come up with the right words - this is for you

No matter how you try you just can’t come up with the words to match your beautiful images or fabulous products or you’re writing lots but no one is engaging. I can help you, either with tips and crib sheets, or fully written copy.

From 27.50€ per hour


You want to learn but don't have the funds at the mo for 1 to 1 training - this is for you

Get together with other business owners on one of my workshops – more details coming soon.


I thrive on promoting unique businesses through tailored social media management, bespoke coaching and training, influencer collaborations, paid advertising campaigns, graphic design and content writing.

ready to help you

Collaborating with...

Nance & Steve Larkin

Let's work together!
Steve will make you a great brew!

I hope you’ve found this information useful! Please keep checking back to the website for more and follow me for more top tips!